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Fireplace Remodeling Ideas

  • fireplace remodels

    Traditional Brick Fireplace Makeover

    Brick is the most common fireplace material, but that doesn’t mean yours needs to be boring and ordinary. Replacing old, stained bricks with new can instantly update a room. For homeowners who would like to avoid the mess of tearing down an outdated fireplace, painting the existing brick can be a great alternative. A fresh coat of paint can quickly and inexpensively update any fireplace. White washing is another option that brings tired, outdated brick up to date.

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  • fireplace remodel

    Contemporary Fireplace

    A traditional brick fireplace doesn’t work for everyone. If a contemporary look is what you’re after, consider metallic colors like a stainless steel for your fireplace remodeling project. These thin gas fireplaces keep flames behind a heat-resistant glass door. This makes for a sleek and hot focal point in any modern home. Even better, they are also available in a two-sided version, which provides warmth and ambiance in two rooms instead of just one!

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  • fireplace remodeling

    Remodeled Stone Fireplace

    Stone fireplaces are another popular choice among homeowners, and for good reason. Whether you choose natural or artificial, stones provide a unique and rustic style. Beyond aesthetics, stone retains heat and increases efficiency. The stone will continue to radiate heat even after your fire is extinguished. This is a relatively inexpensive material and, with the proper maintenance, can last a lifetime.

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  • fireplace makeover

    Tired of your old, outdated fireplace? Schedule a consultation with Case San Jose and discover all of the ways you can create a custom fireplace in your home.

    Tile Fireplace with Custom Mantle

    Tiles provide a beautiful fireplace transformation from worn and outdated to contemporary and luxurious. Resurfacing an old fireplace with tile has many benefits when it comes to both looks and maintenance. The surface of tile is much easier to keep clean than brick or stone and dirt and soot can easily be wiped away. A custom mantle allows you to tie the remodeled fireplace in with the room’s design.

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  • fireplace makeovers

    Fireplace Surrounds

    A fireplace is naturally the focal point of any room and can be accented by additional built-ins. Adding storage cabinets and a space for a television can create a beautiful and stylish entertainment center. It is important to keep in mind that soot and smoke from the fire can stain light colors, so choose your materials with that in mind. Also be sure to check your local building codes and follow the requirements for the proximity of combustible materials to a fireplace.

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